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Antioxidant Hydrating Face Serum

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Balance your skin everyday with this powerful antioxidant hydrator. Instantly penetrating, this luxurious serum brings a maximum amount of moisture to the surface while delivering cell-renewing nutrients deeply into the subcutaneous layers of the skin. It is almost wax-free (only natural lecithin) and uses the highest quality vegetable oils and organic floral water as its base. Liposomes of antioxidant vitamins and free-radical-scavenging, super-oxide dismutase make it an excellent skin rejuvenator. Oat beta glucan soothes the skin while protecting it with its natural moisture barrier. It also stimulates the production of collagen and promotes cell turnover. The serum is particularly beneficial for stress-damaged and weather-damaged skin. The clean, light consistency allows the valuable active ingredients to penetrate skin directly, instantly and effectively treating the skin. Don’t forget, oily skin needs moisture too! This formula works as a moisturizer-substitute for oily skin, replacing heavier crèmes. It may also help as an extra hydrator and nutrient-delivery agent for dry, sensitive skin while used as a base under a more protective crème.