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Shaving Gel with Aloe

Shaving Gel with Aloe Medium (4 oz.)
This stimulating, triple action gel does it all. Soothing yarrow and aloe lift hair to promote a clean, comfortable shave. Wheat protein, sodium PCA and horsetail extract condition, protect and soften. Rosemary and birch leaf tone and clarify. A Scentsations favorite for both men and women—great for shaving legs!

Benefits & Features

  • Promotes a smooth shave by lifting the hair shafts as the razor glides across
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Special light-foaming smooth gel formula encourages a clean, comfortable shave
  • Rinses easily and leaves skin moisturized, not dry
  • Great for women’s shaving needs as well as men’s
  • Pick your favorite scent or unscented for sensitive skin

Key ingredients

  • Aloe Vera gel soothes and moisturizes
  • Mild surfactants derived from coconut oil foam lightly
  • Greaseless moisturizers including wheat protein, sodium PCA and horsetail extract, condition and protect the skin
  • Yarrow, carrageenan and coltsfoot soothe skin
  • Extracts of rosemary, sage, birch leaf and birch sap offer natural toning, astringent and antiseptic properties
  • Botanicals clover blossom, nettle and horsetail help soften skin