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Egytian Musk Perfume Oil

Egytian Musk Perfume Oil Roll-on
Egytian Musk Perfume Oil Small (5 ml)
Egytian Musk Perfume Oil Medium (15 ml)
Egytian Musk Perfume Oil Large (30 ml)
Egytian Musk Perfume Oil Dram
With a touch of citrus and soft floral, this clean musk is accented by hints of precious woods.

Available in five different sizes
  • Small, 5 ml (approx. 1/6 oz.)
  • Medium, 15 ml (approx. half oz.)
  • Large, 30 ml (approx. 1 oz.)
  • Dram, 3.7 ml
  • Roll-on, approx 1/3 oz or 10 ml. Perfect for applying without using your finger tips.
You can use this oil in any of our diffusers to spread the fragrance throughout a room. This oil is also available as a fragrance in most of our bath and body products.
Our perfume oils are concentrated and not intended to be used as body oils. If your skin is sensitive to oils, or allergic please perform a simple test by applying a touch of the oil to the inside of your forearm to see if it irritates your skin.

This oil may stain clothing or cause damage to furniture or flooring if spilled.